If Christianity did end up to be false, you would have no regrets for living your life in the Christian faith, amirite?

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Well, duh...you'd be dead and incapable of thought.

I'm not a Christian, but I can see how Christianity can lead onto a rewarding life regardless of heaven potentially not being real. The strong community and the growth as a person would be enough.

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Sometimes I wish I could be a Christian again, because the community part of it was so wonderful. I had so many friends at church. But I think living my life without any religion whatsoever has been so much more fullfilling. I know myself better and I can do some things without feeling guilty (like sex before marriage). I can handle situations on my own without the help of a "God" looking out for me. I don't have to discriminate against homosexuals and think abortion is murder. When asked how something was made I can't settle for the answer "God did it"; I have to discover the real answer. I'm more knowledgable. I don't have to tell other people that their life is horrible without Jesus and that they're going to hell if they aren't saved. I don't have to put "God" before myself or anyone else. I make my own decisions. Overall, I'm so very happy I don't live my life the "Christian way". Even if I burn in hell for enternity, I won't regret it.

@Madie Sometimes I wish I could be a Christian again, because the community part of it was so wonderful. I had so many...

As a Christian, I can honestly say that I believe in the same thing you do (sex before marriage, i don't discriminate against homosexuals, and i think abortion is fine in some contexts) and I still believe in God. Mostly because one of the things God said is to love your neighbor as yourself...Also what other people do is none of your responsibility. Not all Christians are that uptight about their religion, but i respect what you said/what you believe.

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@Madie Sometimes I wish I could be a Christian again, because the community part of it was so wonderful. I had so many...

Couldn't have said it better. I have a quote I found, and I think I will share, because I absolutely love it; " Nobody knows exactly what happens after we die, and if we did know, there wouldn't be so many different religions all saying different things and all thinking they're right. To my mind, it doesn't matter which one of them you follow. Or even if you walk alone and take your own path through life. As long as you live your life right and respect others beliefs, then you won't go far wrong."

It's from a book. Sorry for the long comment though.

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The bottom line is that we can never know for sure what's out there. Personally, I sometimes wish I was still Christian, or part of any religion. Back when I was a believer, I used to love going to church and Sunday school. Many people have this idea that all Christians are all psychotic gay-haters, and that's simply not true. The people in my church, at least, were kind and generous and welcoming. Even now, I still love churches. I no longer go there officially, however, because I think it's disrespectful to the ones who are serious about worshipping.

what I mean is, if you learned for a definite fact while you were still alive

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I think faith of any kind can be beneficial to someone's life, as long as they let it be something to guide and give them hope, so they shouldn't regret it in this situation, unless they let it control and hold them back in life from what they truly wanted.

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If I knew for a fact that Christianity had been proven false, my life wouldn't be different at all. I don't believe anything is wrong with premarital sex, I know for a fact going to church doesn't make you a better person. And in regard to homosexuals, I honestly couldn't care less whether you're gay or straight

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And, yeah, I guess I wouldn't have regrets, but then again I have always put personal morals before those of my church - but obviously most of the teachings of Jesus - that is, love, and intergrity, and generally not killing people, harming others, being a massive douchebag - coincide with my personal beliefs.

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Actually, I would regret abstinence. I plan to abstain until marriage, and if I found out all this was false, I would be pretty mad if I had turned any girls down.

I grew up in a denomination of Christianity up till I was 11 or so, some of it lingers, but I never called myself apart of it.

See, what I believe in, is the philosophical cores.

The story of the Samurai and The Ninja, is one of my favourites, next to the story of the Vinegar with the three great wisemen: Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Confucius.

I shall explain these two stories, if none have heard of the philosophical stories that these five great civilities came to the table with. Please listen with not your eyes or ears, but with your heart, mind, and spirit, and do so quietly, or you will not feel it. It's like meditating, you're not supposed to be thinking, you're supposed to be feeling.

The story of the Samurai and the Ninja is that the Samurai believes in the convictions, and that death is not the end, but the loss of conviction is, the Ninja believes that the end is the end, but they live without regrets and feel that their life is not meaningless, and that what each person does, leaves a piece of history behind, and that lives on instead of themselves. The legend grows, becomes the philosophy that the next generation begets, and the life of the former, lives on in the latter.

The story of the Vinegar tasting, with the three great wisemen, involved Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Confucius. Each of the men, tasted the vinegar, and gave their descriptions of what human life meant to them with the analogy of how vinegar tasted to them. Whether it was Sour, Bitter or Salty, or Sweet. I believe these three could be friends, because they didn't argue over what they believed, instead, they chose to stay to their paths, and walked it, and formed the three philosophical systems that still thrive today.

All five of these that I mention, did not empirically claim to how life started, how life ended, or how life is to be, but that these five relies on the Individual's decision on how he or she, shall live his life. They do not claim to know anything! They never preached to anyone either.

None of these people regretted what they chose, when they died, their legend continued, their stories passed down to those who continue on their philosophical cores. None of the five, believed in a creator deity, or have a doctrine that works the same as the western civilizations.

While some sects of each, do have some kind of system that looks like a doctrine, and do have deities, they're not the same as what the western civilization calls a deity. Instead, these deities are names of the philosophical codes, that belongs to their respective system.


I love all five of these systems, because, while I can be atheistic or agnostic, which I am in the case for a creator, I can still use them for philosophical reasons, and have no regrets of them failing, because once again, it relies on the individual's choices on how they live life, nothing is claimed to be true, nothing is claimed to be real, and the person who decides they are, is the individual's right, not the belief system itself.

Being able to live, and be free in my glass house. The fact that one should realize the glass house they live in, and know that it can't protect them, and know that one day it'll shatter, won't affect them, because they themselves are not shattered, because they didn't put faith in the glass house to begin with, only that they put faith in themselves to live on afterwards, and rebuild from what they learned what would happen if something cracked the weak glass they started with.

TL:DR: I have no regrets for my choices, and therefore, if X were to be proven false, Y wouldn't be affected, and Z is my answer to how I live. Like the five great systems of the far east, I don't claim to know, I don't claim anything, but what I am, is what I chose, and no one can tear that away from me. That takes conviction, that takes knowledge, that takes discipline, and I'm in for a rough and long journey, either way.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to write what I thought, and I just feel way too good, to let it go to waste. The fox and the human has spoken to each other, and we wrote it together.

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It's impossible.

There is never going to be anything, a "definite fact" or whatever, that will get rid of Christianity. Similar that no "definite facts" about religion will turn atheists, or followers of other religions.

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You act like it hasn't been proven false already.

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