Girls: when you take a picture of yourself in the mirror, Try not to block your face with the phone/camera, Amirite?

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And please, if you do it in the bathroom mirror, keep the toilet out of the pic

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I know. At least be neat ;)

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Unless you're an ugly troll.

How about using a normal camera with a timer?

Guys: Try not to be shirtless wearing backwards hats and making peace signs when taking photos in mirrors, amirite?

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Or better yet, take a normal picture!
If I ever take a picture of myself, I face the camera away from the mirror so I can line it up and make sure it looks okay. :P

I hate when people take pictures like that. Just flip the camera around. The mirror doesn't make you look any better.

I know some guys that do that.

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i CANNOT do that. like, it is impossible for me to take mirror pics.

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Why would you say that? If anyone does that, they shouldn't show their face!

There should be a ban from this on fb and no mirror pics with camera in the pic (i hate those!!)!

This shouldn't be directed at only girls..

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Unless you're taking a picture of your body/clothes.

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