Don't cry over spilt milk, unless you live in the state of California and bought it for $6.50 a gallon, amirite?

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Yeah California!!!!

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I just brought almost all 50 states together. Im a boss.

Its pretty cheap here in florida

It's expensive here? How much does it cost in other states?

I don't know where you're buying your milk, but it's like $4/ gal where I live and I'm in a pretty small town. Also, it's $8-10/gal in Hawaii so be thankful.

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I can get a gallon for $2.99 here in Iowa.

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Colorado milk is soooo cheap. $1.89 for a gallon

Really? 2.89 here in Texas.

I get mine for 1.99 in oregon... and thats right above california

3.30 in Missouri

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Two to three dollars here in NY o.o

@afternooner Two to three dollars here in NY o.o

About the same here in NC, about $4 for organic, around $2.50 for regular. Also.", you did the drug face---->. O.O

It about $2 here in Wisconsin. but then again we are the dairy state so they dont have to ship it.

2.30 in Illinois.

Oh wow... $1.50 where I am in Oregon. I had no idea it could get that high!

$2.99 in Alabama, last I checked.

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2-3 dollars in North Carolina.

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It's about $2.50 here in South Dakota.

2.00 in New York but 1.89 in New York City. Weird.

Uhm... Where I live (northern) California it's about $3 for organic milk. I don't know what this is about.

well you WERE president...

...how many millilitres is a gallon?

i live in southern california and i get my milk for 2.69...

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