Next thing you know, airlines will be charging pregnant women for 2 tickets. After that, they'll give them a full body pat-down for looking "suspicious"..."Excuse me ma'am. I'm going to need you to step over here. Are you hiding a BOMB in there?", amirite?

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What if she got inseminated from a stick of dynamite and she really WAS pregnant with a bomb!!

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Hey! You can't say BOMB on the internet!

When I was flying back home after a vacation last year, I was wearing a big Minnie Mouse sweater, so they decided to pat me down, and a pregnant woman! The two least suspicious people in the whole airport.

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Its happened, hiding shit in fake bellys.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! This is the funniest conversation ever!! :D :D :D :D

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If the pregnant lady was big enough that she needed two seats then she should buy two seats.

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(_-): Wouldn't the X-Rays catch that?

@Roy (_-): Wouldn't the X-Rays catch that?

people can claim them to be 'unethical'

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Whoooaaahhhhh there. Hold up. Its a joke! I am WELL aware of the whole "pregnant-lady-on-a-plane" thing. "I aint be stupid, yo"


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notice the quotation marks around the "i aint be stupid, yo"
Thats sarcasm..... HAH

youre not even suppost to be on a plane if youre pregnant except for a few random week periods

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