The first "fun time in the mouth" you gave wasn't as bad as you thought it would be... Until he came in your mouth. Then it was kinda gross, amirite?

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I voted YYA and am a straight guy just to make this awkward.

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Thanks. Also, I have a younger sister on here, she's innocent, and she looks at posts I've commented on. I usually just choose the first name that comes to mind when commenting anon.

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Why can't we say BJ anymore? Only fun time in the mouth?

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lol @ the category

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What about her really pretty?

@meysenburger What about her really pretty?

Sorry. It diddnt go that i pressed it. Im on an Ipod soo...

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Category: Food

Are you trying to tell us something? Yes, you are.

my first time his sh*t smelled!

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Mmm I love penis.

dude, he drank an entire gallon of pineapple juice right before. it tasted awesome! not so much any more....

Ugh yea i wanted to spit it out all over him it was so nasty. He didn't even warn me before he was about to come either...

@how are you supposed to know?

um you can feel when you're getting close, maybe not the exact moment you come but enough feeling to know it's happening soon. Don't you feel that when you masturbate? both guys and girls know when they're getting close.

My first time with a girl was also pretty ehh but at least there was no juicy finish

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My first was all around bad.

@Ohhhnap I'm sorry.

Hahahaha it's okay I forgive you

@Lolita Hahahaha it's okay I forgive you

Good, cause I was worried you wouldn't. :)

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@Lolita How so what?

how so was it bad?

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@how so was it bad?

Ohhhh it was just awkward because first time and stuff and just cluelessness.

what does it usually taste like? D:

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@what does it usually taste like? D:

Can be kinda bitter, too.

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Mine was sooooooo awesome, and it tasted great. :D

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This is too sexual. Amirite needs to stay more innocent!

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@Mads its a joke, deal with it.

The post doesn't bother me. The comments do.

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