why buy anger management lessons? just buy a terrys chocolate orange! amirite?

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Me too...

Sexys avatar Sexy No Way +1Reply
@Sexy Me too...

It's a british thing. It's chocolate shaped like an orange, and I think you bang it on the table to seperate the segments.
I think anyway. I'm American, I just watch a lot of British youtubers.

I love chocolate oranges! And yes, smashing them is quite therapeutic.

Asteriskis avatar Asteriski Yeah You Are +3Reply

Sweet Jesus those things are delicious. Eating them is like rubbing concentrated unicorn feces around the inside of your mouth, which is awesome because everyone knows unicorns shit rainbows and happiness with magic frosting.

Oh, that's cool! I'm American and all I could think of was a candied orange covered in chocolate. 'Twas nasty

Sexys avatar Sexy No Way +1Reply

For some reason, I can only find them in America around Christmas. I always stock up when I visit Canada. I'm that person who tries to forcefully pull it apart rather than smash it...doesn't work too well.

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