Gender roles and social norms are silly. Seriously, why is it so shameful to let someone of the opposite sex see you naked? It's just the human body. It's a social stigma we attach to certain pieces of ourselves that are "dirty" or "forbidden", and in a way, it's hindering us from being comfortable with ALL of ourselves--not just the parts society says is "okay", amirite?

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First, I agree. As an artist who plans on taking nude figure drawing classes, I fully appreciate the beauty of the human body. However, I don't think that most people can distinguish artistic nudity from pornographic nudity, so that's why society looks down upon nudity. Heck, when I draw sketches of people before clothes, I get very strange looks from those around me. I think it should be a matter of society teaching that nudity is fine, but sexual explicitness is not.

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@Ezio First, I agree. As an artist who plans on taking nude figure drawing classes, I fully appreciate the beauty of the...

I'd take it even further, though. Who's to say a photograph of a couple in the midst of loving intercourse is not also beautiful or artistic? Sex is also another natural human function, one used to create life and express love (usually). Why does our society shy away from that, too?

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completely agree! we are practically brainwashed to think the most natural of things is innapropriate!

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@completely agree! we are practically brainwashed to think the most natural of things is innapropriate!

Like rape and murder and stealing. It's all totally natural. We shouldn't try to control people. We should let them do as they please.

This is a pretty stupid post. Everybody likes complaining about society and ALL it's problems. It's the best thing we have. There is order in doing things in a certain way and not as you please. You MAY think that you'll enjoy anarchy, with no government and being able to do what ever you want, but it doesn't work that way. The more the government and "society" controls you, the more freedom you have. The more freedom YOU have, the less freedom YOU have. I bet you're living in a nice and developed country, where you haven't the slightest idea of what anarchy could possibly look like. It's not like they show you in the films, I'll tell you that much.

(I hope this replies. I'm on mobile, so I can't truly reply. My apologies!) Oh, and I believe that sex can be beautiful, too. It's the highest expression of love between a couple, and it should be treated like the beautiful thing it is. I think society shys away from that because they associate it with pornography. Most people can tell the difference between intercourse and dicks everywhere in porn. xD I couldn't tell you exactly why society made the switch from Michaelangelo's David to straitlaced prudence, but it happened. I'm guessing that people still follow the norms of societies past because they're afraid of change. Sorry if this is all sounding the same.

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People are idiots. It's as simple as that/

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I think it could also have to do with being with your romantic partner.
Only THEY get to see you naked. It's special.

But I agree: I wouldn't say those places are "dirty". :/

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Maybe because we're a civilized fucking society? Not roaming monkeys in a jungle. I don't say those places are exactly "dirty", and yea they are completely natural, but c'mon, get realistic. I mean if you don't have a problem with it, just go running naked out in NYC, and count how many times you get raped that day.

well plus it's not just that it'd be weird but have you ever walked around in freezing temperatures naked? It's cold and clothes prevides the human body with shelter

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I Completely agree. Which is why i have absolutely no problem with public nudity

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't let ANYONE see me naked. When I change in front of my friends, we turn so we can't see each other.

Because we don't want to see ugly people or relatives naked, and a lot of awkward accidental boner situations will arise.

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Exactly. Because of hormones, because nobody just wants to go around naked all the time, and nobody wants to go around seeing other people naked. Nobody said these places were 'dirty' - just that human reactions to them are 'dirty.' Quite frankly, I think there is little to no difference between nude drawing and porn except a label. Some things should just be kept private and for someone special, like sex. That would cease to be if everyone just walked around naked and people watched each other having sex all the time.

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just imagine how self conscious we'd be roaming around naked.
but on the other hand getting past airport security would be easier...

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society says ARE okay.

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