Your pet has a personality, amirite?

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Mines fat.
Thats her personality.

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@StaceysDad Mines fat. Thats her personality.

mines fat too :) in fact, hes about 40-50 pounds overweight. hes pretty adorable though :D

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@verticallychallenged Same. My cat was put onto a diet and gained weight. I still don't know how he did it.

my dogs on a diet too! except my mom feeds him half of everything she eats, so we know why he's so fat.

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This is one of those posts that I wish I could 'yya' more than once ( :

tallulahs avatar tallulah Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well to have a personality they would have to have a soul...

(just kidding, in case you didn't notice)

My dog thinks he is alpha and likes to hump pitbulls which are twice the size he is. He also likes playing soccer at 4 in the morning which I find annoying.

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Well done for realising this.
+1 medal for you.

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Yeah, one is fat, lazy, curious, greedy when it comes to shrimps and thinks she owns my bed and like to lick my hair. The other is lazy, scared of everything, sleeps all day, can't meow for crap and makes weird sounds when you touch her.

MrTies avatar MrTie Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Weird sounds when you touch her? Is your pet a prostitute?

..of course not, I mean if you maybe pick her up or just pet her while shes walking or even walk into a room she's in she will jump up in surprise with a weird sound. Basically she's timid.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

for one, it was the day after Christmas, and besides that had nothing to do with it. the post just came to mind and had nothing to do with the day.


and besides your comment doesn't even make any sense

Mine are marshmallows because they're soft on the inside and out.

this is stupif

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