Those teeny tiny red spiders that look like specks, have no real purpose in this world, Amirite?

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"A person's a person no matter how small" - Horton hears a who

kiwipinks avatar kiwipink No Way +33Reply

Other than to scare the living fuck out of me?

It's so weird to see something so tiny take on the entire world like that.... Their entire world must be like from on sidewalk square corner to the other one....

That's so weird that someone posted this! I just saw one of those spiders this morning while eating breakfast. It was running around the table and I honestly thought it was just a speck. Well, you know, until it crawled up my finger. It scared the organs out of me.

iceeselenawizs avatar iceeselenawiz Yeah You Are +4Reply

Their purpose is to amuse me when I squish them.

I'm pretty sure you're talking about mites... If you pour water on them, they drown and die. My dad and I tried. :D

Red pigment stains the earth from where I decided their fate with a rock and my will. That's there purpose, my amusement

Jonesys avatar Jonesy Yeah You Are -1Reply

And you do?

Javvies avatar Javvie No Way -8Reply
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