I bet more than half of you people on here thought the OJ trial was a taste contest between Minutemaid and Sunkist. amirite?

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Ha, you must be an idiot to think that. Everyone knows it was between Minutemaid and Tropicana, not Sunkist.

You can all suck my lower extension.

Uh you know sunkist isn't orange juice, it's a soda...maybe you're thinking of sunny D, which is somewhat a type of orange juice.

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You're thinking of MLIA.

@Pontiac_Dude You're thinking of MLIA.

Mind telling me what that is first

@William_Bill_Clinton Mind telling me what that is first

My apologies, I thought you we're aware. MLIA stands for My Life Is Average. It's this terrible site where everyone is a bunch of morons who lie to get attention. About 90% of their stories are about Harry Potter.

The site can be found here (enter with caution):




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Shit looks horrid. Im just a troll here, I dont go anywhere else.

Get off your high horse.

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@Get off your high horse.

(Your+name+(optional)): That's rude. Don't call Monica that.

The less intelligent half might, but that's just funny.

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