Think about how small you are compared to an elephant. Think about how small that elephant is to a whale. Think about that whale compared to a mountain. Think about that mountain compared to the earth. Think about how small the earth is compare to the sun. The sun is to the solar system. The solar system to the galaxy. The galaxy to the universe. You fell pretty small. amirite?

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Think about how big you are to your neighbour's children. Then about how big they are to your dog. Think about how big the dog is to your cat. Think about the cat to a bird. The bird to a mouse. The mouse to an ant. The ant to a dirt clump. The dirt clump to a speck of dust.

Feel pretty big now?

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I didn't fall at all

thinking like this doesn't actually make me feel as small as when I compare myself directly to the potential size of the universe...

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That first link literally made my eyes burn

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@That first link literally made my eyes burn

The first one was...woah O.o. The second too, but I've seen it before so a bit less shock value.

Irony is the fact that when I read this post, I started feeling big...and I'm just shy of five feet tall...