You have a certain order of doing things in the shower, amirite?

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1. Fill the bathtub up with 88.7 degree water.
2. Arrange rubber duckies and line them up in reverse rainbow order.
3. Squeeze three tubes of Double Double, Toil and Bubble.
4. Turn on Mozart's 532nd Symphony.
5. Get in my bikini.
6. Slip into the water.

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Aw, I was waiting for someone to put 'masturbate' somewhere in their sequence....


Baboon blood
Wake the shower camel with a half-heated teaspoon and gauze*
Towel dry

*'shower camel' is not a euphemism. It is a camel which lives in my shower.

Apparently I'm the only person that does body wash then shampoo... wary smilie


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1- Stand there for like five minutes just enjoying the water.
2- Shampoo.
3- Conditioner.
4- Body.
5- Face.
6- Enjoy water more.
7. DONE.

Mine is:

Head and Shoulders (just in case)

WetSeals avatar WetSeal Yeah You Are +3Reply

1. Wash hair.
2. Wash face.
3. Wash body.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +3Reply

No touching the rear 'til face is clean and clear!

_pi_s avatar _pi_ Yeah You Are +3Reply

I have a whole system. It never changes. Ever. I like stability.

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are +1Reply

Shampoo. Put in conditioner. Wash body. Brush hair. Wash out conditioner.

Stuffs avatar Stuff Yeah You Are +1Reply

1. Shampoo
2.Wash body
3.Rinse shampoo
6.Rinse conditioner
7.Stand in front of the shower head and just soak for a few minutes.

Moon_Shoess avatar Moon_Shoes Yeah You Are +1Reply

Wash hair; condition; brush; shave; wash body; wash face.

Anonymous +1Reply

1. Shampoo
2. Body wash

BreakfastFans avatar BreakfastFan Yeah You Are 0Reply
@BreakfastFan 1. Shampoo 2. Body wash Done.

you don't just love standing there in the warm water??

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