Everyone should only have 2 or less kids in order to reduce the Earth's population because its the easiest way to reduce the worlds population. If we reduce the earth's population by a certain amount than we increase the amount of resources available to each person by the same amount. Half the population = double the food for each person etc. This would lead to a much happier earth, amirite?

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The problem is that poor people are having tons of kids and needing everyone else to support them. People receiving government aid should not be allowed to have kids.

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OR we could adopt kids from lesser countries and that would both help the struggling people AND the worlds population.

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anybody who says no way: why?

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But, distribution is the real problem. We're sitting on our laptops and meanwhile a child is staring. Rearrange priorities before doing anything drastic. :)

What if you got pregnant with triplets?

And besides, you can't control people's lives like that. Way to much personal interference. And who would be enforcing this? And what would happen, exactly, if you got pregnant with your 3rd child, accidental or not?

I agree, at least to some point. Adopting would probably be a good solution for now.
A law against more than 3 children shouldn't be made, but one could always advise people. 'Sides, it's not like many people still need to have 8 kids to get the family economy going.
Basically, we need to cut down on our own consumption before we go telling everyone else about it.

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The book, the decleration was fantastic.
I don't see how bombing africa is a solution?
I live in africa, south africa to be exact.
I'm not poor or lacking food.

That and we don't want our world to be like "Among the Hidden."

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Tell this to the Muslims.

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Tell this to the Muslims.

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I think the person who wrote this is pretty ignorant, if people have 2 kids thats keeping the population the same. Also where I live in Australia, we have an aging population and so are encouraged to have lots of kids to help the economy by increasing the baby bonus. The main problem is that less people are having less kids.

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It'd be like communist China is we enforced how many children people could have, though, it would be nice only having one other sibling. xD

ever read 'the decleration'. yes i know its a fictional book but it offers a solid argument against this point

ur obviously ignorant. not everyone is going to have to kids. there will always be exceptions. therefore the population will slowly decrease.

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Dude, sorry, but I have three sisters. You're telling me my parents should have never had two of them?!?!?
Hell No!

The simple solution: Bomb Africa.

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