You've prayed at least once in your life - and meant it, amirite?

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I have, and I don't even have a faith.

I pray all the time, and mean it. Without prayer and knowing God is listening, I don't know where I'd be.

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GOD FTW!!!!!!!!

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I pray every night.

I pray when i wake up and go to sleep but sometimes i forget:/

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I pray every night :)

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I appreciate the fact that you didn't include God into it. I'm an agnostic theist and don't really have a religion, so I pray to A god, or gods.

Yeah, your kinda at the point where you might as well try anything

Nordens avatar Norden Yeah You Are +2Reply

I pray that you grow up and stop being so immature, and I really do mean that.

fuustoleits avatar fuustoleit Yeah You Are -2Reply

The question is, what did you pray for?

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