Lately, high school has been a mini-midlife crisis for some people. People wearing kid's backpacks, obsessing over things you like 8 years ago, etc, amirite?

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Only the black people do that at my school.

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@canigetawhatwhat ditto

Omgz, ditto? He was like my favorite pokemon evar! 'cause you know, I totally love pokemon!
obnoxious teenager

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@Omgz, ditto? He was like my favorite pokemon evar! 'cause you know, I totally love pokemon! obnoxious teenager

? oh okay... let me write that out then. The black people at my high school also do that. happy?
person that just turned 20, so she/he is feeling like she/he is the shit

Did anyone else notice that the poster's picture is from The Lion King...?

It's not a mid-life crisis if it's not at mid-life.

Then that's a high school crisis, unless you're middle aged and still in high school, but backpacks are probably the least of your worries if you're still there in your 50s.

I do that internally, and I try my best to keep it that way. I would kinda feel stupid doing it externally. But I guess the difference between me and them is that I've never stopped enjoying things like Pokemon, superheroes, and other related things. It really pisses me off though, because as an awkward middle schoolers four years ago it was forbidden to enjoy those things, and as the awkward child I was, I complied with those absurd rules.

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I never understood the backpack trend. I mean if you've got some shit you always want to carry around because you'll constantly be using it, then yeah wear a backpack. Otherwise, quit being a trendy asshole.

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Backpacks are vintage now? I had no idea. At my school everyone uses them because we have two campuses ten minutes apart. Dammit, I don't want to be a hipster.

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It really annoys me because we don't have lockers, we carry everything round in our bags, and I keep seeing people with tiny kids bags carrying all their books and stuff. It would just be so much easier to have a decent sized backpack and actually use it for its intended use.

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Some girl in my class uses a spiderman backpack. I just want to tell her to give it back to her little bro and get a new one.

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Hipster age.

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