As long as they were as swift as a coursing river and as mysterious as the dark side of the moon gays should have been allowed to join the army in the first, amirite?

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Mulan ftw

deeviants avatar deeviant Yeah You Are +11Reply

Yeah, but unless they find their center we still can't be sure we'll win

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +10Reply

I read this and thought: what's a "moon gay"?

enders avatar ender Yeah You Are +7Reply

As long as they also have all the force of a great typhoon and all the strength of a raging fire, sure.

I hope they attended gym class in school.

EstoniaObsesseds avatar EstoniaObsessed Yeah You Are +4Reply


ASWCCs avatar ASWCC Yeah You Are +1Reply
@ASWCC *place

o thank god you finished your sentence that cliffhanger wasn't gona let me sleep at night

rivals avatar rival Yeah You Are +7Reply
@ASWCC *place

Add a follow up?

should've learned how to swim!

g_is3pics avatar g_is3pic Yeah You Are +1Reply

Sure, as long as they have the force of a great typhoon and the strength of a raging fire.

GracieGraces avatar GracieGrace Yeah You Are +1Reply

Be sure they're tranquil as a forest, but have a fire within.

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