In "The Nightmare Before Christmas", it would be interesting to see what would have happened if Jack went through a different door instead of the one to Christmas Town, amirite?

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instead of how some movies have alternate endings they could have a whole alternate plotline

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Sadly I think The Nightmare Before Labor Day would have flopped at the box office.

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Do I hear The Nightmare Before Easter coming to theaters?

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Nightmare before ST. Patrick's day? I think yes!

Tim Burtan said he didn't want to do a sequel because he didn't want to ruin it. It makes sense.

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Nightmare Before Arbor Day

opens door Oh. It's just more trees. shuts door

credits roll

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Nightmare before St.Valentines Day? that could be kinda cool actually.

"what is this? hearts? love?? BRIGHT PINK COLORS??? I CAN'T HANDLE THIS WORLD!!"

then he'd hear about the diapered baby flying around shooting arrows into people's asses, and i'm preety sure that's where the movie would end...with his suicide

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