They say Rome wasn't built in a day, well they haven't played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, amirite?

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You watch tobuscus, don't you?

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@FalconXCII You watch tobuscus, don't you?

That was my thought haha.

"Kill him with your awesome!"

@FlyingPanda I love birds!

"Kill the horse and the rider falls down! Kill the rider and the rider falls down!"


wmstephaniefhs avatar wmstephaniefh Yeah You Are +6Reply

Stargate Ubisoft sparkle!

JellyBlocks avatar JellyBlock Yeah You Are +3Reply

op thought we would think he's clever... silly him.

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favorite quote:
"mysterious hooded man watches from a distance/take a second to look awesome/time to go/walk in slow-motion/so you still look awesome/(guard sees you, aims gun)/but dont mind him, just keep looking awesome/"

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Did you really think that it isn't the same group of people who spend their time on amirite and watch tobuscus?? come one use common sense before copying something haha

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oh Tobuscus

Anonymous +2Reply

'Tis. Is .EPIC>

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  • Everywhere, people die! Target doesn't die, he's fine! Target sends horsemen to die!
Ezios avatar Ezio Yeah You Are +1Reply

hahaha i want a tobuscus t-shirt..

The birds get the hell out of there

this is the best video of all his videos

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