It's a damn shame when you realize you weren't even cute as a baby. amirite?

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I dont know that feeling :)

Holly_Flaxs avatar Holly_Flax Yeah You Are +4Reply

Inb4 "everyone is beautiful"

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I'd rather be an ugly baby and grow up to be beautiful than the other way around O_o

They all look the same to me and the mom loves hers thinking it is the best one of all.

Nah.. I was the cutest baby ever.... I don't know what the hell happened though.

Gotta love this post haha. I...was a fugly baby. After hearing my mother and father's insistence that I really was cute, I can only surmise that they were/are in deep denial.

sparekeys avatar sparekey Yeah You Are -2Reply

I doubt anyone could be ugly as a baby. Only those photoshopped photos.

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