Step 1: Think up an ambitious yet possible New Years resolution and promise yourself that you'll stick to it. Step 2: Try to stick to it for 5-10 days. Step 3: Completely abandon goal and go 100% back to the bad habits you were trying to break, amirite?

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step 4: make an amirite post about your failure

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I made a resolution several years ago to stop making resolutions.
Only one I have ever kept.

Anyone who's planning a New Years resolution, start it today. If you can't start today, you'll fail when you start tomorrow.

mine's to work out everyday untill summer, hopefully I stick to it

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I make achievable resolutions. Mine this year is to stop biting my nails.

Retoosers avatar Retooser Yeah You Are +4Reply

Mine is to write in my new journal everyday for a year. I am hoping I can stick to it :p

this is what most people do lol but this year im keeping mine

lovefromnarnias avatar lovefromnarnia Yeah You Are +2Reply

Mine legitimately was possible, I just didn't find anyone to use it one. [it was use this nerdy pickup line...]

@TalkingRice Was it "My love for you is like zero...IT CANNOT BE DEFINED!" ?

No. It was, "I'll be sine squared theta, you'll be cosine squared theta, and together, we will be one."

@Katffro It was on one of my pick-up line apps.

lol well if you want corny...
"My love for you is like diarrhea....I JUST CAN'T HOLD IT IN!"

Mine is to keep one thing of chapstick until it runs out

hahahahahah!! true.

justforvotess avatar justforvotes Yeah You Are 0Reply

Ah yes, I guess my next time will have to be completely managable. Hmm, I'm thinking, finishing this hoard of video games I have.

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