It's sad that as children, strippers and porn stars probably had many hopes and dreams for the future, none of which involved a pole or having their vagina in front of a camera, amirite?

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But fast food employees, dump truck drivers, and mailmen all dreamed of their jobs as children...

I'm sorry, but I don't get the whole sympathy for strippers thing. Ultimately, that's the job they chose, and it's never the ONLY option. If someone is so traumatized and degraded by their job and hates it so much, there's likely some other fast food or entry level job nearby that they could apply for. Sure, it doesn't make as much money, but they DO have a choice.

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It's true that some people are forced into sex work if they can't get jobs (at all, or that pay enough to support them and any dependants they may have) or are made to by someone else. Their situations are very sad and they should definitely be helped...

But there are also sex workers who LIKE their jobs. There are prostitutes that chose it, enjoy it, and carry it out safely and professionally, both male and female. Part of the problem with being a sex worker is the awful stigma, which shouldn't be there.

What if you just need the extra cash? A nurse in training by day stripper by night?

there's nothing wrong with being a stripper, some people need the money to support their families

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just because you have a better job like the stereotypical doctor, lawyer, or engineer, it doesn't mean you got your dream either. there is alot of family pressure that goes along with anything.

Well however it happened I'm very happy Sasha Grey went down that path

Hey! Don't make them people!

Honestly, a lot of people aspire to be pornstars.

@Emperorerror Honestly, a lot of people aspire to be pornstars.

Well you make it sound like everyone should be astronaut/firefighter/truck driver.

@pantherfanatic It's immoral

It is THEIR body, and they are not harming anyone else. How is it immoral if that is what they choose to do with their own body?

@Emperorerror Honestly, a lot of people aspire to be pornstars.

Well I don't consider it immoral in any way, so I suppose this is where we're stuck. But thanks for sharing your views.

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