Its sad that the only shorts for girls/juniors that stores sell anymore are ones that are much wider than they are long, because those shorts advertise one of two messages. Either "Look at my butt hanging out of these, I'm an easy whore" or "I'm incredibly obese because my waist measurement is more than twice that of the length from my hips to my knees,", amirite?

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More the first, I think, but yes it's very sad. Especially when girls too young to be thought about that way wear them; their parents should be slapped.

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I'm sorta overweight, but not much. And I'm okay with wearing semi short shorts but last summer I had to mostly wear really short shorts because that's all they sell now a days. And it's kind of annoying.

I think the second part was supposed to make it more of a joke...

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hey, short shorts are the best. Don't have to worry about flashing people like a skirt, nice and cool in summer, and even make my short legs look good. Of course, I'm also kinda skinny so there isn't much ass to hang out

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Delia's sells bermuda shorts. Just wear those. It doesn't get that hot, suck it up.

There's a third too....“..look at how skinny I am....my legs are like sticks in these short shorts! Oh mah gawwd guys look at me!”

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