At least once you had a dream that was so awesome you almost/actually started crying when you woke up, amirite?

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Well it didn't bring me to tears, but my heart dropped in sadness.

I had one that was so scary i woke up crying..does that count?

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Once I had a dream that my boyfriend was cheating on me with some weirdo with strange hair, and when i woke up i just felt really crappy and sad the whole day, even though it was just a dream.

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Once I had a dream that I became best friends with Freddie Mercury then went snorkeling with Prince and found seashells made of gold. After I woke up, I almost cried and I was disappointed for about a week.

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No, but then again, I'm a man.

I had a dream that was literally the best dream of my life. I wished so bladly it was real for two days.

DFletchs avatar DFletch Yeah You Are 0Reply

My dream was amazing! I woke up and I tried to fall back asleep and into the same dream. It didn't work :(

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