It's kinda stupid how in elementary school they force us to slow dance with the opposite sex and in middle school we can barely touch each other, amirite?

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I had to square dance

Meagans avatar Meagan Yeah You Are +25Reply
@Meagan I had to square dance

Ugh, my school did too... That was probably the worst experience of my life.

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Yay for weird schools :D

Meagans avatar Meagan Yeah You Are +1Reply

@938030 (Meagan): oh god..me too.

@Nicole_Anonymous @938030 (Meagan): oh god..me too.

I thought I was the only one.... We didn't even get to pick our partners!

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@Meagan I had to square dance

I feel so sorry for the person who had to dance with the teacher, because my school did that too.

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They never did that...

Taters avatar Tater No Way +23Reply

I was never forced to slow dance with anybody in elementary school. o.o

Not surprising considering the level of maturity in some middle schoolers.

I had to slow dance in middle school, not elementary.

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My elementry school was the same as my middle school lol no one really wanted the slow dance with anyone because you knew almost everyone since kindergarden or first grade

In elementary, if we were cuaght slow dancing, we'd probably be chased off the grounds by the crazy yard duties...

My school did some Jewish traditional dance. It was scary an weird.

We had to do traditional foreign dances and square dances, all of which sucked.

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In 7th grade we were forced to slow dance, but in elementary school we were not allowed to touch each other. This is a strange world...

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And just when the girls were getting boobs, too...

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we are being forced to go to this stupid valentines day dance. some really cute boy asked me to dance with him at the dance. he meant slow dance. help! i dont know how! can anyone help? please? by the way, im in grade six. i know it seems youg, but we are forced to go like i said earlyer.

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