There are loads of people that say they are going to change in the new year, they are going to "be a better person". Stop with the crap. You're going to remain the same annoying bitch and we all know it, amirite?

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"Okay, 2011 is going to be a drama-free year!!!!:)<3" two weeks later "FUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT THAT BITCH DID LAST NITE!!!!!11!!1!1"

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I never make a resolution like that. Mostly because I don't need to. I'm already perfect.

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Hahaha there's this girl who is literally always a bitch to me. On Jan. 2 she sent me a facebook note saying "remember that time i jumped you and tried punching your face in? well that was really inappropriate and you should forgive me because it's my new year's resolution to be nice (:" i was like wtfff deleteeee

my resolution is to not send so much money. i want to have a proper savings account come december

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All my friends changed their statuses on facebook to "omg lulz sinc its lyk a new yr nd stuf it mens tht evrthng wll chng!!1!"

Yeah. Cause sitting on your ass doing nothing is going to make your life better. Makes sense.

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Which is my new years "resolution" isn't something dumb like "be a better person" or "lose weight" its simply to finish this horde of video games I have.

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Mine's pretty cliche. It's to work out every day til summer, but I've actually stuck to it and lost 5 pounds.

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