Those, "I'm ____ and I approve this message" things at the end of political ads mean nothing. Any idiot could go take the sound file for them saying that and put it on their video, amirite?

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It's like a signature. Anyone could forge it.

FlyingPandas avatar FlyingPanda Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well they could, but that's illegal and they would get sued

^fastpitchgoddess beat me to it. It's possible, but it would be really stupid.

Anonymous +3Reply

I was surprised to see Hulk Hogan in commercials again. Try copying the man himself.

OnePiecepkmns avatar OnePiecepkmn Yeah You Are +2Reply

I knew there were some people from the Forum in here :)

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not legally... Sounds like identity fraud to me.

Anonymous +1Reply

I'm Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message.

TheGrapists avatar TheGrapist Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'm __ and I approve this comment. Try forging that.

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