Your son's getting french-kissed by your dog. Put the damn video camera down, stop laughing and stop your own child from getting a disease because YOU just HAD to enter that video into AFV even though you KNOW you won't win! amirite?

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Those parents who would do that are sick. Just..sick

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Less likely to get diease than having a girl French kiss him

But isn't that good for their immune system? I think I read somewhere that it is...

well if we don't expose out children to the small dangers of everyday germs, our immune systems will slowly start to disappear. All this freaking out over whether the soap dispenser is clean, or whether your kid touches dirt will seem stupid when we can't leave our unnaturally clean living units.

I have to disagree with the french kissing comment. Swallowing dog saliva can lead to cysts forming in vital organs of the body, which can lead to death, especially in children

"if lifes worth living, it's worth recording" - shaycarl

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$100 plus you don't have to pay for your kid anymore, win-win?

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