How is spanglish a language on Facebook but sarcasm isn't? amirite?

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i cant find spanglish on the list ):

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Pig Latin is a language on there, too :D

@gananas Pig Latin is a language on there, too :D

I speak it. :D Pig Latin, Spanglish, and American English.
I wish I could list Sarcasm and New Jersey English as my languages, but I can't.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +1Reply

Haha I thought the same thing as I was listing my languages.

EmptyMelodiess avatar EmptyMelodies Yeah You Are +3Reply

Sarcasm is a language now. :)

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I have too wondered this. But then I realized that if facebook started making smart/sarcastic comments to me I'd get pissed.

O.O i had sarcasm (fluent) as a language, but i think they got rid of it. :(

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Well all these are true but you cant just use sarcasim you must be born with it to have this amazing skill hahaha:P

Sarcasm is a language! I speak it fluently, according to Facebook.

Because Spanglish is a combination of two existing language?
and sarcasm isn't a language?
I don't understand your comparison.

Fattys avatar Fatty No Way -2Reply
@Sarcasm is a type of English (which is an existing language...)

Sarcasm is a way of speaking, not an entirely different language.

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