The way that Miley Cyrus is trying to act grown up and get away from her Disney image is sad. Real grown ups are responsible, they don't do drugs, they wear respectable clothes, and they don't party all the time and act out of control. When Emma Watson wanted to get away from her Harry Potter image she went to college, cut her hair, and started modeling. Emma Watson is the real role model, amir... amirite?

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Older adults that have families don't do that. She spent her teenage years attached to Disney being a "good girl". The girl is 19. She should be able to have fun at this age, and she is. So I won't get mad at her for having fun.

And I've said this before, but it's not Miley's job to parent your children. At the end of the day, you are the one that has the ultimate say in how your kid is raised, not Miley Cyrus, not Emma Watson. If you don't want your kid to act the way she does, then tell them that you think it's wrong. Don't blame celebrities for parents having no control over their children.

Theres a quote from Miley that she said and they play it on my local radio station to make fun of her and she says, "I would never do drugs, they are for stupid people and that's not who I am" hahahahaha dumbfuck.

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@RaShEllllA Theres a quote from Miley that she said and they play it on my local radio station to make fun of her and she says...

They are probably some people who are hooked on drugs that are way smarter than her. Drugs doesn't always equal mindlessness. It just means that people are human and have weaknesses.

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@Lilblair16 Woowww. That is great! I should suggest this to my local station

I think it might be something she said in and interview to them :/ but I'm not positive.

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She's 19 years old, for God's sake. She can do whatever the hell she wants and dress however the hell she wants because she's a fucking human being. Just because she acted on a Disney show for a few years doesn't mean she has to be forced to have a certain "image" and act a certain way.
Miley can do whatever she wants. Emma can do whatever she wants. They're both adults. I'm so tired of everyone criticizing Miley Cyrus.

I'm sure that "role model" wasn't in either of their job descriptions.

You're doing that thing where people on the internet get indignant about scenarios they make up. Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson are two separate people free to make their own decisions; there's no reason to compare the two.

Who are you to define respectable? What's wrong with her dressing the way she wants to? And don't even get me started on the drugs part

Yeah fuck you amir.

YYR for because Emma Watson is a good role model but Miley is still young and experimenting.

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Well actually, plenty of hard working respectable adults smoke weed-now they are not FILMING themselves doing it. I think it is different for her because she is famous and everybody's obsessed. I'm 20 and i've worn some pretty crazy outfits to concerts and shit-I smoke weed too, but I'm an actual artist.

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