Did they ever find the bed intruder? amirite?

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I hope so; my kids and wife are tired of being in hiding.

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@Ima_grumpy_old_troll What about your husband?

He is the husband......he should be in hiding too though.

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Of course, Antoine is a Hufflepuff

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And did the bed intruder really rape errbody out there?

I'm pretty sure they did, yeah.

That is, if you're talking about the Antoine Dodson bed intruder....

Funny song

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@mybentobox reposting my post =_= http://www.amirite.net/431195

you say it different, and the OP says it better.

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@mybentobox reposting my post =_= http://www.amirite.net/431195

I'm sick of people who keep saying "omg repost repost". They didn't copy you.

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