You'd rather have some crazy-ass hair than some crazy ass-hair, amirite?

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Took me a second to carefully read through but when I did I laughed out loud.

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OH, lol wow. I definitely need some sleep. At first, I didn't even recognize the difference. I was like, um, what? :P

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Afro l smilie

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@runningwithscissors http://xkcd.com/37/

haa. i have never seen that before in my life. but it makes me laugh.

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It also feels good to be wicked-ass hammered but not to be wicked ass-hammered! hahaha

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At first I was like "WTF how'd this get homepaged!" now that I got it,

What if you have both?

@Reader What if you have both?

then...i would pity you

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This made me laugh so much.

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i laughed out loud. i would consider this a success.

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OMG that took me literally 5 minutes to figure out, and then i laughed while brushing my teeth.

I had to read this like 4 times... But now I love it (:

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