You say "haha" way to much when you text, amirite?

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i never say "lol" in a text, but yeah, definitely use "haha" way too much. sometimes it just seems like the reader will take the text too seriously if i don't include it!

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'haha' is basically another form of punctuation for me.

I try and rotate between "haha" and "lol"
And I say "Haha yeah" and "lol okay" so much.

portraitofyoungs avatar portraitofyoung Yeah You Are +4Reply

haha ya

bluedreams avatar bluedream Yeah You Are +3Reply

Haah yea i totally agree.... Oh haha whoops. Lol.

Marylov3s avatar Marylov3 Yeah You Are +3Reply

And rarely do I ever mean it.

And lol.

Elocins avatar Elocin Yeah You Are -1Reply
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