Teeth gaps make people unattractive, amirite?

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A single minor flaw does not make a person unattractive.

On some people, it can look good. but to an extent. The gap should be small, not the size of a newborn child.

It's sad that this is positive. A little gap is no big deal.

It depends. It can look cute on some people, but when it comes to the point where you look like you're missing a tooth, you better get that fixed.

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It's the imperfections that make a person beautiful.

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"I love the gap between your teeth
And I love the riddles that you speak"

  • Taylor Swift, "Ours"
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Except on Julian Smith, it makes him Julian Smithhhh (:

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NO! I absolutely love it on most people. It's adorable.

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Way to make me feel unattractive Asshole


I have a gap between my front teeth and just got braces on Monday so it could be fixed...

it's cute on kennedy brock from the maine though :)

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I think it looks off.

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and thank you for that.

I had a gap in my teeth til the end of 8th grade and I always was embarassed about it but then i got braces and I saw a girl who had a little gap in her teeth who was older and I noticed how it looked cute but then realized that when you get older it might not...

Man... I have got a little gap in between my teeth. :( Luckily, I'm getting braces soon because my mouth is extremely tiny as well.

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No wonder why I haven't had a girlfriend yet...

It used to be a sign that someone was like a child (or somehow related to) Aphrodite, Greek godess of love and beauty. If you read The Widow's Tale by Chaucer, the widow is supposedly a great beauty for her time and she has a gap-tooth. Interesting stuff...

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I actually got my gap AFTER my braces, since my upper jaw started to widen. It's not like I get insulted, I just tend to look more "cute" and and less mature.

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lol it depends on the person though...it looks mad cute on lil kids :]

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GWEN FROM TORCHWOOD. Besides from being a fugly little whore she has the ugliest gap in her teeth. It's like black and straight down... looking at it makes me want to puke.

Other than Gwen I don't mind gaps though. She just... Ew.

Did you know that some big catwalk models have gaps, they say that a gap in the middle of the 2 front teeth give a cool catwalk look.

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So, randomhobo, would you know? :P

129 people have gaps in their teeths

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@pranavn 129 people have gaps in their teeths

I don't have any gaps... I think it's just ridiculous to make a blanket statement about a tiny physical "flaw" like this.

Not unattractive, but less attractive.

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