Girls: Sometimes, having a brother-like figure in your life is better than having a boyfriend, amirite?

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I have a brother-like figure, a best guy friend, and a boyfriend.

I just realized how lucky I am.

Well, the brother like figure doesn't usually want to be in that position. He want to be the bf :(

I have a brother like figure, and we secretly like eachother. But neither of us wants to ruin the wonderful siblinglike relationship going on...

my guy best friend is permanent, boyfriends aren't, that's just the way it goes.

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I have two guy friends that I think of like brothers and I like them way more than my real brother. People have said we should date but that would just be creepy.

It'd be nice to have either one of those. :[
I think I may just repel the opposite gender.

@Erin It'd be nice to have either one of those. :[ I think I may just repel the opposite gender. /depressingness.

i know what you mean i have one good guy friend and a few other guy friends that i am not really close with but i don't really have any guys i am close with.

...I wish I had a brother-like figure. I sort of do, but I haven't seen him since before break

I have a brother-like friend, but we secretly like each other. He is 3 years older, so it is much better than my brother who is 3 years younger than me.

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I've got a few of those... they're insane, and thus more like a brother than I could ever have.

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Haha he's both! Not in a creepy way, though.

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I have a best guy friend who's like a brother. It'd be reeeally weird to date him, that's how brotherly he is.

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cause we men know are shit

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