Canadians: you hate Russia right now, amirite?

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Because you can't see it from your house? Understandable.

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In Soviet Russia...you still don't win

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Canada needs to fix its balls and start winning again! Like seriously, what the hell just happened?

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I'm guessing you lost in hockey?

looks like i dont watch sport enough....

After five unanswered goals, we didn't even deserve it anymore.

@sweetsilverlining After five unanswered goals, we didn't even deserve it anymore.

I agree, Canada played very well in the first and second, but those 5 unanswered goals, that was the deal breaker.

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5 goals, approx. 13 mintues, nuff said :|

I thought you meant for selling Alaska to the US.

We'll get em next time.

that was heartbreaking

Wasn't it just the junior championships?

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Hockey is war in Canada. I feel sorry for the poor fool who decides to go to a Montreal - Toronto game for their first hockey game.

sigh it was a sad moment-we got too cocky when we were about to win.
So the Russians took advantage >:(

Canada'll win next time! ;)

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No, not really.

They played a good game. We got over confident and let ourselves go. That just means we'll get them next time.

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i told this russian kid in my english class i hated him and his people. he laughed at me.

Why would we hate Russia exactly?

@Voldemorts_Niece Why would we hate Russia exactly?

yeah why? o_O prob something about a game/sport

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@yeah why? o_O prob something about a game/sport

THE HOCKEY GAME!! world juniors. we were winning for the first 2 periods and then third period comes and near the end they some how get the puck in the net 5 freaking times!

so mad, it's unbelievable. we'll get them next year though! and hopefully we'll win when it's in Russia so they can know what it feels like!

fuck Russia

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