You don't fully believe that the world will end in 2012, but you do believe that something bad might happen like a major earthquake. amirite?

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The only bad thing would be everyone going nuts and rioting, and having gigantic orgies to beat the clock, and then... nothing.

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I don't think anything bad is going to happen and I think its going to be funny when half the world is freaking out and nothings even happening.

Or the aliens are gonna come and get us all..

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I don't think anything awful will happen that relates to 2012. Maybe a major earthquake will hit somewhere, but not due to the date.

I don't believe it'll happen because it's kind of commercalized. Companies can make a lot of money with people buying things so they'lle be safe from nothing on 2012. There are video games, movies, and books that are based off 2012 that just add to the hysteria.

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It's gonna be like any other day. sunny. clear skies. maybe some rain showers towards the northwest region. but otherwise completely normal

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fuck you, the world will end in 2012

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