People who don't like 'I Just Had Sex' must be virgins, amirite?

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people who sing after they just had sex must have just lost their virginity

I want someone to give me a CONGRATZ ON THE SEX cake when I lose my virginity.

or they have an opinion.

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haha I'm a virgin and I love that song! :D

... or, they could just like good music.

@Black_No_1 ... or, they could just like good music.

the songs not meant it be good? It's meant to make you laugh?

The lyrics just make me laugh so hard.

im a virgin and this is my favorite song rite now bahaha

That's simple science right there.

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I fail. I forgot that was the new lonely island song and thought you guys were talking about some pop/hip hop crap. I will take my fail lashings like a good girl. Only vondahl gets to give them, though.

When i looked at the post it had a minus 69 rating. heeheehee

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If I coincidently lose my virginity to this song. There will end up being somebody on the ground laughing, garaunteed.

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Or they just place a higher value on sex?

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