You've been addicted to popcorn at some point in your life, amirite?

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popcorn is my 2nd favorite thing that starts with 'p' and ends in 'orn' hello smilie

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@you weren't the first to come up with it so...

Wow. You're right. I thought I came up with it on my own, but according to Google so did 4,000 other people. Carry on.

Last year I would HAVE to eat popcorn and drink an ice cold soda as soon as I got home.. it was heaven.

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colored popcorn...yum!!!

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i know many will tell you its childish and you should stop, but i just wanna say i think you're hilarious :D

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I swear I thought this said porn.

@TalkingRice I swear I thought this said porn.

well....havnt we all been there?

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