Owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer. It just makes you a camera owner, amirite?

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I would say someone is a photographer if most or all of their income comes from photography. Just like you're only a model if your income mainly comes from modeling, or an actor if just acting pays your bills.
If you have another "regular" full time job, I would call things like photography, modeling, acting, art, and singing hobbies.

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Who decides which photographs are good?

By definition, a photographer is anyone that takes photos, just as a painter is someone who paints and a murderer is someone who murders.


Someone who makes good photographs

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@polarlarlarlar_ bare I think OP means photographer in a strictly professional sense.

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someone who takes photographs professionally.

Most people consider a professional as someone who gets payed for their job, ie: a pro football player.

A picture is photography, but taking some and putting them on facebook doesn't make you a professional, and thus not a photographer.

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Taking youtube videos of yourself and posting them on facebook doesn't make you an actor. Taking pictures and doing local shit like presenting them for free in art galleries would you a photographer. For the record, I was just going with the google definition of a photographer, I don't think you need to get paid for it to be one.

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