I just took a 5 hour energy and a sleeping pill...LET THE BATTLE BEGIN, amirite?

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If you die then the sleeping pill wins.... FOREVER!

ThatDylanGuys avatar ThatDylanGuy Yeah You Are +333Reply

How to fuck up your body in two steps

528491s avatar 528491 No Way +141Reply

Your life is average

Whackas avatar Whacka Yeah You Are +89Reply

I hope you know that can give you a heart attack. But enjoy that.

Anonymous +89Reply

You're gonna die, man.

Uh, that has the potential to kill you.

Anonymous +25Reply

let the battle for life begin

Anonymous +25Reply

Sleeping pill will always win. You can't avoid sleep forever!

MrNoWays avatar MrNoWay Yeah You Are +21Reply

So in that case me smoking weed and taking ecstacy pill could have killed me? I AM A GOD AMONG MEN

Anonymous +9Reply

Try Crystal Meth and Nyquill, that shit will get you fucked up

Wow that's a very stupid idea. Why don't you add in some alcohol while you're at it?

my money's on the sleeping pill

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it's this in the same vein as what killed john belushi? a depressant and a stimulant...

The follow up makes you look like a douche. Just sayin

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Nooooo really???

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This post sucks, sorry.

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