We live in such a beautiful world. Why waste it with industrial waste, landfills, and power plants, amirite?

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So we can have our beautiful internets.

Yeah, I mean people can get upset about the destruction of our environment. It's easy to complain while sitting in a well built house, buying whatever you want in the Wal-mart in town, etc. The fact is, our culture DEMANDS a lot from the environment, which it cannot bear the weight of. But if you want to complain, you might want to start living in a mud hut on subsistence agriculture or something first. As for in our society, just try to be green when you can, but realize you are part of the bigger problem

@Joe_Larson Yeah, I mean people can get upset about the destruction of our environment. It's easy to complain while sitting in...

I was going to say something similar. I don't like the destruction of the environment either, but until people start living without plumbing, electricity, and modern comforts, they are part of the issue.

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I went camping once and couldn't take more than a day. Then again, I went with someone with kids and we all slept in a tiny tent but still. Doing that permanently would not be all that easy!

We got to put that shit somewhere.

Landfills, we create waste which must be put somewhere. Power plants, you are on the Internet on a computer using power creates by a power plant. Industrial waste is the by-product of all the stuff you have ever bought or used

There are two types of posts I hate - cheesy posts about 'inner beauty' and ignoring what is on the outside, and posts that plead for the conservation of the environment without providing an alternative to how we are living. What the f*** do you suggest we do with the landfills, power plants, and waste???

The world is beautiful though, I'll give you that.

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Yeah, I mean I love the whole "earth is beautiful, we need to stop destroying it" thing, but in reality, the way things are today, we really wouldn't be able to survive if it weren't for these things. I hate to be a negative nagro, but that's reality.

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our beautiful internet that cuts back on our rain forests and trees and nature

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