IQ Tests are not a very good way to see how smart a person is. Some countries get those tests from other countries.Therefore being culturaly biased to some people. amirite?

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I don't think it's supposed to be "how smart" but instead capacity and potential.

Its nothing factual but all comprehensive. How you solve problems and adapt to new concepts and problem solving. Its not something you can study for and most of its just number patterns and what not. The only thing culture could affect is if you took it in a language you didn't know

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i dont belive in the "many types of smart" bullshit. youre smart or youre not. there is no book smart or street smart. to me, its all about problem sovling comprehension and ability to recognise patterns.

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its bullshit to me. so yeah, it does.

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then why did you vote no way.

How can intelligence be culturally biased? That's implying that some cultures force stupidity on some people. Some cultures may force illogical behavior but it can not make someone stupid.

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