It's stupid when schools make rules like, "You can only go to the bathroom once per semester" or "Drinking water is forbidden at all times except for lunch", Because those are basic human needs and you need to do those things in order to be healthy, amirite?

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Not that I agree with the rules but to be honest there are a lot of students who abuse their number of bathroom/water breaks simply to get out of class. That's the teacher's logic behind it. Perhaps if the teacher was more effective, students would be sure to go right before class so that they wouldn't miss an awesome lecture.

My school handbook says that if a student asks a teacher to go to the bathroom three different times and the teacher refuses all three times, the student is allowed to pee in the classroom trashcan.

I just hate it when teachers hand out a certain number of bathrrom passes and say that if you don't use them, you get extra credit. It's sick having to make kids choose between holding it in for a 90 minute class or their grade.

I don't necessarily agree with those examples in the post, but the school has the right to makes whatever rules it deems necessary to control the students and enforce its authority. If students are abusing bathroom priviledges or use of water fountains, I can see why a school would need to enact those measures.

once per semester? r u kidding me? I would probably die and lots of girls would get TSS

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