the best cookies are slightly uncooked in the center, amirite?

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Damn you now I want some mushy cookies!

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +13Reply

Like the ones they sell in Subway? :D

jessepinkmans avatar jessepinkman Yeah You Are +6Reply

i must be extremely tired. i read this as, "the best noodles are slightly uncooked in the winter."

Anonymous +6Reply

I only like them like that if they're fresh out the oven.

fuckoffwhores avatar fuckoffwhore Yeah You Are +4Reply

I am now really craving slightly uncooked cookies, DAMN YOU!

And so began Favvkes' reign over the internet...

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Gabes avatar Gabe Yeah You Are 0Reply

the best cookies are mushy/chewy cookies =) i don't like crumbly unless its chocolate chip

Liloquands avatar Liloquand Yeah You Are 0Reply

False. Oreos.

Depends on the kind of cookie, but this is mostly true. It sucks that they can give you salmonella =( I don't trust them unless I baked them myself so I know how the eggs were kept beforehand.

Black_No_1s avatar Black_No_1 Yeah You Are -2Reply

Yuck. D:
Our school has cookies you can buy like that, and they're really gross.

Erins avatar Erin No Way -6Reply
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