You can spend a hundred dollars from your bank account without thinking twice about it, but you die a little inside when you have to break that ten in your wallet, amirite?

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Uh no, I always think about something before blowing $100 on it...

I think twice before spending $10 anywhere.

I had $50 in my pocket and my friends and I went to McDonalds, so I had to break a 50 at McDonalds..

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no i like loonies and toonies better than bills

@danilol no i like loonies and toonies better than bills

Heeheehee, loonies and toonies. Canadian money is just so cheery XD

I certainly hope so... what an outdated crime, mugging. Get some knowledge and use your computer to rip people off like everyone else, jeez xD

Actually, I'm just the opposite... cash in my pocket seems to evaporate, while I'm very careful with my bank card. As a result(and because I think paper money is kind of skeevy and gross), I almost never carry cash.

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