If a person walks by, a car drives by, and a plane flies by, what does a train do, amirite?

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Rockys avatar Rocky No Way +132Reply

Maybe trains do exist, but we don't? Maybe this is all a dream, in an alternate reality where trains have taken over society!!!

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It chugs by. Duh.

@Kellie It chugs by. Duh.

I was looking for someone to have said this

@Kellie It chugs by. Duh.

I know right? I was about to comment on that, but then you stole it! :P

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It swims by

What does a train
do with food? Chew, chew.

Hullabaloos avatar Hullabaloo Yeah You Are +65Reply

It goes by.

Hullabaloos avatar Hullabaloo Yeah You Are +63Reply

Rolls by...

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Aww don't worry, that was my first thought too.

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It's ok. I had to read it a few times to actually understand it . . .

I know this one. The surgeon is his mother and the horse's name is Tuesday, amirite?

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Choo choos by.

@Gabe Choo choos by. -Sterling

I like your username. Also, I''m gonna go with glides by.

I like trains.

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@I like turtles.

Elephants are sexy.

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Lucis avatar Luci Yeah You Are +13Reply
@Bardagi I like trains.

I spy a reference to asdfmovie 2.

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It just does

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I shows up in your dream and almost screws up your inception

I'm favoriting this post for the comments. That is all.

Rockys avatar Rocky No Way +11Reply
@Rocky I'm favoriting this post for the comments. That is all.

Trick answer, you're favoriting it because at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold.

"When the train rolls by, i'm gonna be ready this time"

I'm gonna go with the Dixie Chicks on this one and say it rolls by.

it zooms by

tswizzle99s avatar tswizzle99 Yeah You Are +8Reply

it prances by merrily, like a unicorn.
Trains are actually like unicorns in many ways.
For starters, they don't exist.

Anonymous +8Reply

its passes by

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Have none of you ACTUALLY seen a train? They fly by, idiots!

Lucis avatar Luci Yeah You Are +4Reply

I hear the train a comin, it's rollin round the bend........... But that train keeps a-rollin',
On down to San Antone.

and thus, it rolls

it chug-a-lugs by. :)

Well you drive a car, and you fly a plane, but you don't train a train, you drive it. So it drives by, I guess?

what_of_its avatar what_of_it Yeah You Are +2Reply

What does a train do? Well, a train, which is specially designed to operate on a metal road, transports people for a small fee from one designated stopping point to another.

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I will go with : it rolls by.

Anonymous +1Reply

Rumbles by, chugs on by, rolls by...

First thought: trains train by

I have no idea how this popped up in my google search, but it did and I was curious. The answer... You ride a horse, but a horse walks, trots, canters or gallops by. Same concept applies to a train: you drive a train, but a train trundles, rolls, wheels or travels by. Definitively, "trundle" is the most suitable. Dictionary definition of the verb "trundle": (with reference to a wheeled vehicle or its occupants) move or cause to move slowly and heavily, typically in a noisy OR uneven way. Hope this clears things up.

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It leaps by.

Anonymous 0Reply

steams by

And what if its the train from the end of back to the future 3?

You drive a train so it drives by?...

Anonymous -6Reply
@You drive a train so it drives by?...

(TrainConductorMan2.0): You drive a train, Train Conductor Man. We do not.

Try it passes by. Oh smart ones. Lol.

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