What if my deity doesn't like YOUR marriage, amirite?

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Come on guys! Let's not get into a religious arguement on the computer. We're better than that!

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Then your deity can deal with it in whatever manner is chosen.

stop hating on the gays, just live and let live alright? damn.

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obvious troll is obvious

Ohhh okay the bible talks about people getting crucified let's go crucify other people then... NO. It doesn't work like that. Just because it's in the bible doesn't mean you can take it of context and manipulate it so that peopl think homosexuality is okay.

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your deity must hate the continuation of our species becuase our marraiges cause human existence.

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I'm assuming you're talking about how the Bible says being gay is a sin, but answer this question: What was the first recorded instance if marriage. That's right, the Bible.

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