Girls: How you feel about a guy crying depends on the reason why he is, ex. if it's because he misses his dead dog, then he's a total sweetheart, but if it's because a teacher yelled at him, he needs to grow some balls... amirite?

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Girls can cry for some really silly reasons, so I don't see why a guy couldn't as well. And if someone's crying, there's probably a reason for it; I really don't have the right to judge them for that.
Honestly, this particular double standard has always confused me. :

Honestly I think the same thing about girls. People who cry over everything annoy me.

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I got really confused at first because I read the ex. part as 'he is ex if... ' because I use eg. to show an example where I'm from :)

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No... people are allowed to cry, doesn't matter what gender they are. Even though it might seem like a silly reason you don't know their personal circumstances.

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If you cry then you deserved to be calle a poop face.

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I dont cry...

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