It would be rough if Katniss had her period during the Hunger Games, amirite?

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Maybe one of the gifts their sponsors could send was tampons

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She was a tad bit overeactive at parts...

Well with their strange futuristic technology, they probably had some jab to prevent it.

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I just started the book yesterday, and I finished it last night. But the whole time I was reading it, that's exactly what I was thinking. xD.

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I wonder whether District 13 was as conservative with their tampons as they were with everything else?
Ew. Erase that thought.

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that's what I thought the whole time I was reading it! weren't they in the arena for weeks? I'm sure most of the girls had their period at some point...

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To be serious, though, if you put your body under enough stress you can skip periods, especially if you're malnourished.

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Source, please? Because I'm a bit skeptical...

@mchalla3 Source, please? Because I'm a bit skeptical...

Source?? It fucking happened to me when I was anorexic. If you really care that much google it.

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Fuck off bitch. I just asked for a source, as this is the first time I heard this. You are an anon, and I don't know who you are. You could be lying about the anorexia. I just want to know if this is true or not. Calm the fuck down and quit PMSing on me.

And for the record, I'm fourteen.

Wow lol i read the book last year in september and im STILL comtemplating that to this day xD

Day 1 - Everyone else is dead. I could see Katniss being a total crazed bitch.

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I reckon the Capitol just does something to stop it like they stop the guys growing beards, just for the duration of the Games, or as long as they need them.

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It's possible she hadn't reached puberty by then.

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Yeah, I think they got something from Capitol to stop it, just like boys (and girls too, I suppose) got something to stop their hair from growing.

But still, they had to pee. Katniss mentioned it once, though.... But what about the other thing? And hygiene at all? Like brushing teeth, changing underwear... especially when she and Peeta kissed!

Any ideas? Maybe it wasn't so important? Well, obviously, they didn't even think about washing themselves, they only wanted to stay alive... But physiological needs? They didn't get anything to stop that!

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i was wondering the same thing when i was reading the hunger games!!!

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No cause like if she was on her period she could use the blood to smear her body so when her fellow tributes came past theyd see her on the floor and be like "lol u dead catpiss" and theyd leave her alone and she could also use it for drinking because water is hard to find and its a liquid.

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