The comments on Youtube should be threaded, not this random mess of a system where you see people replying like "@Mike OMG you're so right lol" and you have no idea where the original comment is, amirite?

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YouTube continues to be one of the most popular yet terribly designed/organized sites.

DanielJamess avatar DanielJames Yeah You Are +27Reply

I agree, but can I still be right?

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are +7Reply

Yeah I have no idea why they changed it...
I spend forever looking for the original comment but sometimes I can never seem to find it!

portraitofyoungs avatar portraitofyoung Yeah You Are +7Reply

It used to be like that, but it's gone now...I don't know why.

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +6Reply


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I commented on a big youtuber's video and they replied back and I had to go through so many comments just to find it. Youtube needs to fix this!

Claras avatar Clara Yeah You Are 0Reply

You are so right!!

they've changed this recently, you can view comments by thread (beta only atm)

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